Sep 17, 2012

SEWERS - Tour cassette 1

SEWERS - murky rock n roll from Brisbane.
Initially a duo, their only prior release to this cassette was a demo CD, from 2008.
The track 'Lineage' appears on the Wings Over Gabba 12" compilation (Negative Guest List).

                                       1) Human spray                                  
                                       2) Fishing 
                                       3) Grease my chain
                                       4) Ugly party
                                       5) Sinkhole / Bitches' fuck off (Country Teasers cover)

Recorded in a Kennards storage space in West End.
This self released cassette is the first to exhibit the band as a four piece.
Limited to just 50 copies. Features the hit, Grease My Chain.
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 Photo by Glen Schenau.