Dec 18, 2017

TELEKENET - s/t cassette (VV030)

s/t cassette
Image courtesy of Ede Eves

Telekenet is the new dark industrial based solo venture for Peter Vannet Bramley (Vacant Valley, Club It To Death radio). After years of performing / recording as Penguins, this release marks a fresh, refined sonic direction. This limited run tape holds two cacophonous compositions..

Currently developing a live set for shows in 2018

This record was made on the stolen lands of the Wurundjeri people

YEONGRAK - Mouth Scraper cassette (VV032)

Mouth Scraper cassette
yeongrak self shot photo from 2016
Published with an article by Shane Woolman in The Wire issue 390

An incredible new album from the elusive, avant-absurdist producer based in Carterton, NZ (originally from Christchurch). Since 2014, Yeongrak's high output of mind-bending digital only releases have mostly been self issued, with digital / physical releases also via various labels such as Visual Disturbances (US), Quantum Natives (UK), and End Of The Alphabet Records (NZ).  Yeongrak - a totally unique solo artist with a truly warped, and fun yet unsettling perspective on electronic based composition.


Sep 11, 2017

FILE FOLDER - Roaring In The Dark cassette (VV031)

VV is pleased to announce a new release from a revered Auckland based duo..
Words courtesy of Fujichia / Mother's News:
Another great packet of fucked-out new wave from File Folder.
Pounding drum machine, buzzing synth, and snotty scowling vocals in a
big warehouse echo. Pop songs, not techno. Duran Duran for scumbags.
Perfect soundtrack to a late night bike ride through a shitty suburb you hated growing up in. 
"How can you see anything at this party with those sunglasses on?" 
"I don't want to see anything at this party". 

Words courtesy of Max Nordile, Oakland CA USA Sept 2017:
God-damn mess pile! Gosh darn it all anyway. Pickle + Da Duck (NOT their Christian names) have done spilled it all. Got a junk dada message on the fax- and I cant really hear it too good, but I sure does play it LOUD when the neighbors seem to be having a time. Its just a fake spook, I know, but I get real shook to the sweet core when those sounds come through the walls/wires. Changing platforms- gotta swap some midair prance, frolic, and still keep a punk plugged in. And for that, I do thank them. It makes me feel like a computer server in a meadow too! Gee, thanks? Ok but really, and not to be a policy wonk, but a True Lies sequel feels like the next song file to download. Taken down them masks. Pile after pile, too many thick pixels- OH DAD! 
Roaring In The Dark is limited to 60 copies

May 9, 2017

OV PAIN - s/t debut cassette (VV029)

The incredible, lingering, dark synth debut album from this Dunedin based duo,
comprised of Renee Barrance and Tim Player.
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Forbes Williams
U-card risograph prints courtesy of Gilbert May
Campfire orange cassette shell
Edition of 50

AUS cassette edition > Vacant Valley VV029 
NZ cassette edition > Zero Style (Wellington) ZS#33 
NZ vinyl edition (forthcoming) > CocoMuse Releases 

If you're in Australia, stream / ORDER HERE

Further words courtesy of Zero Style boss John Dimmery: 

The duo of Renee (√Član Vital) and Tim (Opposite Sex) come together with a stark compatibility, producing a heinous yet endearing kind of antagonistic cold wave. The hysterical, despondent vocals resound, leaving the listener uncomforted but drawn in. 

Apr 13, 2017

IRONING MUSIC • s/t LP (2017 reissue)

Medical Records LLC (Seattle, Washington) in conjunction with Crispy Nuggets


IRONING MUSIC - self titled LP

Brilliant, ingenious synth pop/new wave group from Brisbane, QLD.

This exciting volume compiles their sole record, a rare and visionary self released EP 12" from 1985, 
plus a range of incredible demos from that period.

Vacant Valley will be the exclusive carrier of this title in Australia.
Limited copies!

+ at these select independent record stores:
Phase 4 Records & Cassettes
Rocking Horse Records
Vital Juices Records
Greville Records

Poster design circa 1985

Apr 6, 2017

NO SISTER / BITUMEN split cassette (VV028) + tour

Vacant Valley's first release for 2017 is a split from two killer Melbourne based outfits, 
No Sister and Bitumen

Cassettes posting out / available in stores from 22nd April 2017

A new limited edition cassette, comprising two exclusive songs from each band per side. This document shows both groups building on their own distinctive styles of expansive, guitar driven post-punk sounds. There is the tight, lurching, dynamic attack of No Sister, and the dense, propelling coldwave power of Bitumen.

No Sister / Bitumen split cassette is an anticipated record, given the growing audiences via constant and consistently solid shows, and the praise surrounding their respective debut albums from last year.

Split tape tour April 2017:
Thursday 13th April - Marrickville Bowling Club, Sydney N.S.W w/ Pink Batts + Narrow Lands
Saturday 15th April - The Bearded Lady, Brisbane QLD w/ Pleasure Symbols + Clever
Sunday 16th April - The Time Machine, Nambour QLD w/ Sewers
Saturday 22nd April - The Tote, Melbourne VIC w/ Stationary Suns + Synthetics
Poster art by No Sister members Siahn Davis, and Murray Coggan
No Sister performing at The Tote front bar
Video still: Peter Bramley
Bitumen performing at the Yarra Hotel
Photo: Steve Patrick

For any enquires, contact Peter vacantvalley at gmail dot com