Dec 23, 2010

TEEN ARCHER - demo recordings

Teen Archer - punk noise rock band from Melbourne.
These raw unreleased recordings from around mid 2008 
(prior to their first unforgettable show) really captured
their engrossing live vigour.

                                                           1) Rigor mortis
                                                           2) Cactus
                                                           3) This mess
                                                           4) Lost that job
Download HERE

Drawing by Gus.
You can purchase their self titled 10" through Exo Records.

Dec 21, 2010

PENGUINS - s/t cassette

Recorded on 13th July 2009.
12:33 - 1:02pm.
Download HERE


Adam Simmons: Alto/tenor saxophone, contra alto clarinette, alto flute.
Brian O'Dwyer: Drum kit, percussion.
Recorded 06/08.
Download HERE

Email vacantvalley at gmail dot com for a copy.


Black thrash duo from Melbourne.

Download HERE

Dec 3, 2010

GO GENRE EVERYTHING - Competing Myths Of Popular Unconsiousness EP

Go Genre Everything is Jen and Zac from Melbourne.

                                                           1) You're not on a motorbike
                                                      2) No points for originality
                                                      3) Automatic zombi
                                                      4) Biscuit

This EP was released in 2006 on Munchiegohilarious.
Listen to the track 'Automatic Zombi' HERE

Email me if you'd like to buy this EP or any of these GGE releases:
                                           - Natural Disaster LP cd
                                           - Disciple of Waste EP cd
                                           - Gelf EP cd (Monstera Deliciosa)
                                           - Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness LP cd
                                           - Humans and Luxury 7" (Spanish Magic)

Nov 30, 2010


Side A recorded near the top of Mt. Wellington, Hobart.
Side B recorded at Uniting Church in Northcote, Melbourne.
Vacant Valley release number four.
Limited to 200 copies.
Email vacantvalley at gmail dot com.

Nov 19, 2010

WIZARD OZ - Summer cassette

Wizard Oz is Ritchie and Rusty from Melbourne.

Self released in January 2010. 
Enchanting lo-fi pop tunes.
Download this and other recordings from their bandcamp page HERE

Nov 18, 2010

CRAB SMASHER - Impossible Monsters EP

Crab Smasher began in 2002.
This EP is a vibrant, eclectic mix of thick white noise,
odd pop and ambient excursions.
Initially released in 2007 by Squeamish Recordings on mini cd
and reissued by Monstera Deliciosa earlier this year.
Download HERE

Nov 17, 2010

DANE CERTIFICATE - Oh Velvet, Where Are You?

Dane Certificate is Dane Williams from Melbourne.

An intriguing, unpredictable and totally unique artist.
This single was recorded at Little Gold studio by Steve Fraser in 2007.
Both tracks appear on his second album, Glue You.
Download HERE

Nov 9, 2010

AUTOMATING / PENGUINS split cassette

15 minutes per side - 100 copies made.
Second Language Records release number eight.
This and other Automating recordings available HERE
or email vacantvalley at gmail dot com for a copy.

DRUMHELLER - When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth cdr

Recorded in Uniting Church on High St, Northcote - July 2010. 
This is Drumheller's fourth release.
Vacant Valley number three.
Email for a copy.

Nov 7, 2010


Little Killing are a dynamic, dense, heavy rock duo from Melbourne.

This is Vacant Valley release number two.
50 copies made.

Live at Black Wire, Sydney. 
Photo by Shaun Tenzenmen.

THE BUNYIP MOON - self titled CD-R

The Bunyip Moon are based in Melbourne.

                                                        1) Wewak
                                                   2) All buried
                                                   3) Many skeletons
                                                   4) All buried II
                                                   5) Under the sign of god
                                                   6) Frog hollow

90 hand made copies - recorded in 07/08
Abrasive, incessant and harrowing.
Download HERE

Live and unreleased recordings available on their website.

Nov 6, 2010

POPOLICE - Middle Ground EP

Popolice is Marc Regueiro-McKelvie.

                                                       1) Action
                                                  2) Middle ground
                                                  3) Running around
                                                  4) Nearly there

This EP was recorded and self released in 2007.
Catchy, wall of guitar pop songs.
Download HERE

Email if you'd like a copy.


Bang! Bang! Aids! were a noise rock two piece from Bendigo.

                                                     1) Dead ant dance
                                                2) Mega Lipps
                                                3) Jesus
                                                4) The ball landed near the rabbit's grave
                                                5) White dress, black pants
                                                6) Zombie duncan
                                                7) I am a turtles

Tales was recorded in 2006.
It's a real corker.

Download HERE


Drumheller is Rob Wrigley.

Fossils was recorded in 2008.
Ambient, layered guitar soundscapes.
Download HERE

MELODIES - self titled CD-R

Melodies is the music of Damian Clarkson.

This is his self titled/produced album from late 2009. 
Layered instrumentation, noisy collages and ambient passages. 
Around 30 copies, each hand made. Listen to two tracks from it HERE

DAS BUTCHER - All In Blood / Mummy 7"

This was recorded in Melbourne 2003 and released by Saucerlike Recordings.
Truly odd, frightening and captivating.
Download HERE

Nov 5, 2010

RED RED KROVVY - Axel Rosie O'Donnell split

Red Red Krovvy are a punx band, originally from Cairns.
Members now based in Sydney and Melbourne.

Raw, early RRK recordings.
 Issued on a split CDR with another local band, Axel Rosie O'Donnell.
Hand made covers using cardboard, sprays and stensils. 
Self released in 2007.

                                                 1 - Stupid dixx
                                                 2 - Turboslut
                                                 3 - Kittens and puppies
                                                 4 - This town sux
                                                 5 - Feral cat
                                                 6 - Fuck off die in a well (FODIAW)
                                                 7 - Karate party
                                                 8 - Blood gravy
                                                 9 - Just take my money

Download HERE

PRONOUN - This Is a Generalised and Non-Specific "Hello"

Pronoun is a solo project for Rowan Williams (The Bunyip Moon).

Recorded in 2008, This Is a Generalised and Non-Specific "Hello"
is an intense tour de force of dense guitars, blown-out free white noise, eerie loops and punishing, droning repetition. An initial run of 50 cdrs were made.
A new 'book edition' is now available which is limited to 5 copies.
Email vacantvalley at gmail dot com for a copy.

Download HERE

Nov 4, 2010

RIPPLES - 09/10 recordings

Ripples are a psych noise improv duo from Melbourne.
Self titled EP
The tracks are taken from their first jam together, December 2009.
Download HERE

Revisions EP
Recorded over an hour one night
in March 2010 using May's iphone.
Download HERE

Shush [mini cd]
A document of their first show in March 2010
at an isolated warehouse in Kensington.
Download HERE

Email vacantvalley at gmail dot com for a physical copy
of any of these - not many left.

PENGUINS - live at Irene warehouse

This is a document of the first Penguins show
as a four piece band from May 2009.
50 copies of this CD-R were made but they are all gone.
Download HERE

Nov 3, 2010

POP SINGLES - I Know Your Name / The King 7"

POP SINGLES from Melbourne.

I know your name
The king 

300 copies.
Plain white labels - each with handwritten text in black ink.