Dec 3, 2010

GO GENRE EVERYTHING - Competing Myths Of Popular Unconsiousness EP

Go Genre Everything is Jen and Zac from Melbourne.

                                                           1) You're not on a motorbike
                                                      2) No points for originality
                                                      3) Automatic zombi
                                                      4) Biscuit

This EP was released in 2006 on Munchiegohilarious.
Listen to the track 'Automatic Zombi' HERE

Email me if you'd like to buy this EP or any of these GGE releases:
                                           - Natural Disaster LP cd
                                           - Disciple of Waste EP cd
                                           - Gelf EP cd (Monstera Deliciosa)
                                           - Eternal Youth Carefree Cleanness LP cd
                                           - Humans and Luxury 7" (Spanish Magic)