Sep 11, 2017

FILE FOLDER - Roaring In The Dark cassette (VV031)

VV is pleased to announce a new release from a revered Auckland based duo..
Words courtesy of Fujichia / Mother's News:
Another great packet of fucked-out new wave from File Folder.
Pounding drum machine, buzzing synth, and snotty scowling vocals in a
big warehouse echo. Pop songs, not techno. Duran Duran for scumbags.
Perfect soundtrack to a late night bike ride through a shitty suburb you hated growing up in. 
"How can you see anything at this party with those sunglasses on?" 
"I don't want to see anything at this party". 

Words courtesy of Max Nordile, Oakland CA USA Sept 2017:
God-damn mess pile! Gosh darn it all anyway. Pickle + Da Duck (NOT their Christian names) have done spilled it all. Got a junk dada message on the fax- and I cant really hear it too good, but I sure does play it LOUD when the neighbors seem to be having a time. Its just a fake spook, I know, but I get real shook to the sweet core when those sounds come through the walls/wires. Changing platforms- gotta swap some midair prance, frolic, and still keep a punk plugged in. And for that, I do thank them. It makes me feel like a computer server in a meadow too! Gee, thanks? Ok but really, and not to be a policy wonk, but a True Lies sequel feels like the next song file to download. Taken down them masks. Pile after pile, too many thick pixels- OH DAD! 
Roaring In The Dark is limited to 60 copies