Aug 22, 2012

IGOR - Demo CD

IGOR - a minimal post rock duo from Auckland,
who have been playing together for just over a year.
They had a bunch of 'demo' cdr's available on their east coast Australian tour in July.
Band name and track titles written with black texta on each of the 50 odd made.
(no case with the cd - just pick one from the cd spindle...)
These recordings bring to mind the short lived Matrimony from Sydney, 
with shades of quasi black metal - not the fast, thundering type;
more like the dirgy repetition of early Absurd, perhaps.
                                                             1) Happy as a lamb
                                                             2) Catherine
                                                             3) Tantrum
                                                             4) Whores
                                                             5) Kidneys
                                                             6) Didn't mean

Get it HERE
Photo above from one of their Melbourne shows at The Gasometer upstairs room.