Oct 15, 2013

TREEHOUSE - Interzone LP (VV016)

Vacant Valley is proud to present the vinyl edition of the Interzone album by Hobart trio, Treehouse

An extra insert will provide a unique code for a 'digital' version of the album, PLUS an additional live compilation, which comprises recordings from a tour early/mid 2013, as well as one from a show back in July 2011. Eight tracks in total. This is an exclusive accompaniment with this LP!
'Interzone' was recorded in Hobart by Simon Maisch (Wasted Idol, Manchester Mourning).

A cassette edition of around 100 copies were self made and released by the band . 
They subsequently did a brief tour of east coast Australia in support of this release. 
A few months on, the album has been re-issued on vinyl with new artwork and a special insert. 

Treehouse - a powerful, emotive rock band with all energy to burn.

Listen HERE

Footage below from a house show in Brisbane, courtesy of Joshua Watson.