Oct 27, 2011

AROUND online compilation

Dreamland Recordings began in 2002.
It is a diverse and industrious diy label run by Zac Keiller in Melbourne.

He has recently finished putting together an impressive
online only compilation entitled Around.

Featuring these Australian and international artists:

Abre Ojos, Adam Hunt, The Boy Who Spoke Clouds, Nick Carson, Tim Catlin, Lawrence Chandler, Constant Light, The Coralinas, A Death Cinematic, Eluder, The Ghost of 29, Megacycles, Laral, Keith Levene, Lost to the City, The Lonely Drone, K Mason, Mitre, Northern Valentine, Barnaby Oliver, Panoptique Electrical, Penguins, Rotteur, Saskia Sansom, Shiny around the Edges, Silent Land Time Machine, Chris Smith, Luke Sutherland, Scott Taylor, Vellum, Venus Ray, Vord, Wolf 359, Yellow6.

Click on the cover for download.