Feb 9, 2015

LIVING IN A SHADOW compilation CD (VV020)

Five years on from the first release, 
Vacant Valley is extremely pleased to present...
Cover art: Claire Pannell
A unique and diverse anthology encompassing 23 artists from Australia and New Zealand. The range of recordings featured are unreleased, exclusive, live, or have been previously released in a limited fashion. The booklet will contain recording details, a collage of flyers and liner notes from the compiler/label runner Peter Bramley.

This compilation will mark five years since the first Vacant Valley release. 

Over that time, the label has issued records by Pop Singles, King Tears Mortuary, Treehouse, Psy Ants, Go Genre Everything, Cured Pink, Per Purpose, Ghost Gums, The New Season, the Rough End Of The Stick compilation LP (The Stevens, White Walls, The Clits, Mad Nanna, etc) and more..

Artists featured on the Living In A Shadow compilation:

New South Wales, Australia
King Tears Mortuary, Shebeen Queen, Whitney Houston's Crypt

Victoria, Australia
Bridal Gnome, Go Genre Everything, Hex On The Beach, Orlando Furious, School Girl Report, 
Shiny Coin, The Bunyip Moon, The New Season, Useless Children, WASP

Tasmania, Australia
All The Weathers, Bi-Hour, Drunk Elk, Treehouse

Queensland, Australia
Bitchratch, Cured Pink, Gerald Keaney & the Gerald Keaneys, Per Purpose, Psy Ants

Auckland, New Zealand
Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing

The entire compilation mastered by the legendary engineer/artist Simon Grounds
(who engineered records by God, Venom P. Stinger, Slub, Underground Lovers).

The cover art is by Perth based avant garde sound artist Claire Pannell 



The Wire magazine (UK)


(as of July 2015)


Melbourne, Victoria
Collectors Corner Missing Link, Gold Mine Records, Off The Hip, Polyester RecordsRecord ParadiseVicious Sloth Collectables

Sydney, New South Wales

Brisbane, Queensland

Hobart, Tasmania

Perth, Western Australia

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Auckland, New Zealand

San Francisco, U.S.A.

London, U.K.
Rough Trade (East)

Nagold, Germany

Melbourne launch show
Performing on the night: